AI Powered

Electricity Monitoring for Cities

We are monitoring electricity consumption in real time in a city and generate notifications and AI powered reports for city governors “what’s going on” in the city.

To dominate cities, need to know city electricity is consumed for what…


Digital Transformation

From “knowing nothing”
to “predictive

Discover the City's Energy

A clear and comprehensive overview of energy flows for the whole of the city in real time.

Power Distribution Substation

One of the arteries feeding the city. If monitored and analyzed it’s easy to reach big data.

AI & ML Algorithms

Big data analyzes gives a possibility to reach back-to-date, real-time and predictive decisions.

Use Case

Preventing City Fires

Investigators think an electrical short-circuit was the most likely cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire…

Last year more than 30K electrical fires accounted only in US. Many people died or injured and billions US dollars of loss. Some electrical fires happen because of problems in house wiring, appliance failure, wrong usage of heating appliances etc. But many occur due to mistakes that homeowners make like overloading electrical outlets or extension cords.

With the real time analyzing of city electricity consumption most fires can be avoided before they occur. Smart algorithms feel the problem and notice officers to take action immediately.

Short-circuit pattern one of the well known data patterns and AI can easily detect the problem in seconds.

Use Case

Crime Analytics

Illegal indoor cannabis farming is a big problem of almost all cities.

Cities point to the negative impact of current laws, illegal trade in public places that is increasingly disruptive and makes people feel unsafe, and resource-sapping efforts to curb drug sales in urban areas.

The efforts of the police to prevent and destroy indoor cannabis farming are often unsuccessful because of incomplete or inadequate information.

The system monitoring the electricity grid and check for effected harmonics by the sun bulbs that signed the power harmonics with unique signature.

One of the electricity distribution company in EU still using the system with coordinating with city police department.

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